ADG4 is a unique Naples-based real estate management and development company whose multi-faceted service groups provide a complete array of capabilities to both residential and commercial property owners. 

The Challenge
While the team behind ADG4 had left its mark on many well-known properties throughout Naples and Southwest Florida, the new entity had zero market awareness.  We needed to build and introduce a brand for not only the main organization, but for each of its three service areas.

The Strategy
We gave the company a name that harkened back to a former organization lead by ADG4’s management team.  We leveraged their history within the market to build a bridge to a new brand and positioning.  We then established identities for each of the three service areas under the umbrella brand – thereby creating a cohesive brand architecture.
The Deliverables
Branding and marketing efforts centered on the three service areas, with the Home Management division taking the lead.  Marketing components included a website, social media, email and print direct marketing, vehicle graphics, PR, and launch events.

Naples, Florida: 239-529- 5410  •  West Orange, New Jersey: 973-978-1460

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