Hunterdon Healthcare System was one of the few independent hospital systems remaining in New Jersey. Most hospitals have become part of larger regional systems with more extensive capabilities.

The Challenge
In spite of its independent footing, Hunterdon offered many of the services found at its larger competitors.  However, the broader marketing resources of the bigger systems were starting to drown out Hunterdon’s messaging and people in the marketplace no longer had an accurate idea of the services it offered.

The Strategy
Our Brand Discovery Q&A included physicians, members of the nursing staff, marketing and business development. We needed to establish what truly set Hunterdon apart and why patients would stay local vs. seeking care in larger hospital systems.

Our Q&A revealed that while not part of a larger network, Hunterdon provided similar services and offered comparable expertise. Their physicians were very strong, and they offered the latest non-invasive surgical procedures. Additionally, Hunterdon provided an industry-leading nurse-to-patient ratio.

The Solution
brandwerks3 developed the brand platform We go further, which became the theme for all of Hunterdon’s brand-building efforts. This reflected the extra steps and effort the hospital took to properly care for its community.
The Deliverables
We not only developed a look and messaging for the branding effort but for the service line advertising as well. This resulted in positioning and messaging that was consistent across all marketing initiatives

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