Lapp’s power and data connection products can be found in numerous manufacturing, utility, automotive, mining, and wind turbine applications.

The Challenge
While there was a fair amount of awareness of the Lapp product line, they felt they had not connected with their customers on an emotional level. We were engaged by the organization to conduct a brand refresh that addressed this shortcoming.

The Strategy
We uncovered that Lapp’s extensive market experience allowed them to understand what was truly important to their customers. This level of understanding enables Lapp to provide solutions that are more durable, better performing, and more cost effective.
The Solution
The result was the refreshed brand theme – We Know What’s Important to You. This reflects Lapp’s ability to determine the best solutions for its customers due to their intimate knowledge of their industries and needs. This approach allowed Lapp to connect with its customers on a very personal level.

The Deliverables
The initiative included print and digital advertising as well as a brand training guide that focused on educating the sales team.

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